26 June 2010

Biotherm Homme Absolute Power to Score Party @ ChillOut, Subang Parade

Got to know about this event in Facebook so I decided to join since they're giving out loads of freebies hehehe... But it's very hard to find the location of ChillOut although we know the unit number.

Tried to ask the security but he's totally useless... he only knows the floor I'm at (I also know la =.=") but don't know where's the exact location of the unit number I mentioned! Finally found it after walking for 15 minutes... You need to go out from Parkson and turn right in order to reach there

 Flags from various countries outside ChillOut

ChillOut entrance

We RSVP-ed in advance but the staff couldn't find our name so we need to re-register

Our goodie bag! Contains 2 magazines (FourFourTwo and August), 4 Biotherm samples, 2 beer coupons and a letter to get free consultation+samples for your skin type

The beautiful bar

Me with my beer and lucky draw ticket

Bf and his beer


We exchanged the beer with this minty drink during second round

Yummy Linguini Carbonara (RM 16.90++)

Launching stage

DJ in da house :)

Game session!!

Before game session started, some pretty girls came to introduce Biotherm products and help us to monitor our hydration level. We were also served with lots of snacks!

A lot of people left after the lucky draw session but I only left after watching the first half match between Uruguay and South Korea. The atmosphere when watching at home and at ChillOut is very different! You should go try it :)

24 June 2010

Free Sample of Hada Labo Moisturizing Lotion

Hey guys! I have some great deal to share :D After all sharing is caring right?
Hada Labo is giving out free samples of their No.1 product: Hada Labo Moiturizing Lotion!!
1 bottle is sold every 4 seconds in Japan! How crazy is that? Grab it now by clicking on the link below!!!
Get Hada Labo Moisturizing Lotion Sample

22 June 2010

The Backup Plan Special Screening Night

Thanks to Nuffnang (and also my creative brain LOL), I got to watch The Backup Plan at e@Curve (formerly known as Cathay Cineplex).

Got to grab a t-shirt and also a 'I Love Nuffnang' badge!! But the smallest size they have is M and it's too large for me to wear out. I guess I'll just wear it at home.

After redeeming our tickets, we saw something really funny while on our way to hunt for food. It's SUP BUNTUT!! (ass soup).... I wonder who wanna drink that...

Regarding the movie, it's super duper funny but the storyline is only so-so. But it's still acceptable since it's a romance comedy, not action movie so I don't expect lots of ups and downs. Some guys might even have phobia of wanting kids so I'm here to give you a warning. Anyway, if you're interested, here's a trailer for you :) BTW, it'll be in cinemas on 1st July 2010.

Zoe with her grandma, Nana who has been engaged for 22 years!

Funny disaster

Romantic The Street

My Mind is the Scene of the Crime


My most valuable secret in my mind would be my Heroic Self.
I always hope that I somehow have super power so that I can save this world from any catastrophe.
This is why I love to watch Heroic movies.

This definitely cannot be stolen because if it was stolen, the world will lose another Hero in the making.
And if I lose my Heroic Self, my Villain Self might take over and the world will have to deal with yet another Super Villain.
But the most important thing is that if it was stolen then I might lose my self and I will never be me again. LOL!!!