13 May 2010

French Connection Malaysia - The Woman Competition

Hello guys, would really appreciate if I can get your vote in this competition :D
Thank you sooo much in advance!!


Step 1: LIKE this Facebook page:

Step 2: LIKE this picture

09 May 2010

Songs for Mum on Mother's Day

Hey all!! Wishing all mums a Happy Mother's Day!

Actually I just wanna share 2 of my favorite songs for mums here :p

A Song For Mama by Boyz 2 Men

Mama by Spice Girls

05 May 2010

Daily Work Rant #01

I was checking the work of this junior. Then I realized he forgot to do something so...

Me: Hey T, you forgot to include 'blah blah' after that report.
T: Yea I did not include it after that report
Me: .............. (stunned by his response... what am I supposed to say?)
T: You continue from there la... You can add it
Me: Oh.... T.T