The Season of the Witch is Here!!!

December 16

Season of the witch

The Season of the Witch is Here, don’t you know? Time to hide under your blanket!!

What scares me the most about witches is that they have the ability to curse you into anything they want. This means that they can curse me into their lab rat. Then they will use me to test their new curses and I’ll be turned into a monster when their curse went wrong.

Worst of all, what if their curse gone wrong and burnt all my hair? I won’t have anymore hair to comb anymore. My dozens of Gatsby wax that I bought not long ago will be wasted! WASTED!!!
Those witches would laugh at me with their sinister laughter and I’ll be forced to look at their decayed and dirty teeth. YUCK!

Thus, if witches really do exists, I wish to become a sorcerer so that I can counter their curse and make them bald instead 

L’occitane en Provence 2011 Diary for Charity

December 8

I’ve finally got the diary!!! (jumps happily) At only RM 15 each, you can actually do your bit of charity as the proceeds will be donated to Malaysian Association of the Blind (MAB) to upgrade the computer and screen reader software facilities in the MAB library to further empower the visually-impaired with knowledge and information. What are you waiting for? Go grab at least 1 now! It’ll be available until 31 December 2010 only.