Case of the Stolen Keys to Tron: Legacy by TGV

November 19
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Alert!!! Alert!!! Calling all detective wannabes to help solve this urgent case! The keys to safe containing Tron: Legacy have gone missing. So far, below are the details collected:

Date & Time of Theft: 16 Nov 2010 @ 1930hours
Location: Projectionist’s Room @ TGV Cinemas

Just a month before the movie TRON: Legacy is due to premiere, the keys to the safe containing the show reels have been stolen from the projectionist’s room at TGV Cinemas.

Mark, the projectionist on duty the night of the theft had left the keys inside the miniature drawer rack before leaving to answer an urgent call of nature. When he returned minutes later, his work desk had been tampered with and the keys were no longer in the drawer. It was clearly a case of theft because the CCTV camera was broken and important evidence were found at the crime scene.

Case has so far been concluded as an inside job.

Key Evidence found at crime scene:
The fluffy keychain holding the stolen keys, left behind in the drawer. No fingerprints found.
A few strands of golden hair on the carpet

Will you be able to solve it? I think I’ll try my best since I’m a big fan of Sherlock Holmes and oh, not to forget Seri Salma novels that I read during secondary school are gonna help too! Maybe you will think “Why should I help?”. My answer would be “Because TGV is offering A Private Screening Hall for any movie + a Panasonic 50” 3DTV + 3D Blu-ray Player and more as a reward!”. And plus, you wouldn’t want to miss the chance to become a hero right? Those who have waited so long for this movie to screen (including me) is gonna feel so thankful to the “hero”!

Oh btw, the clues are released bit by bit so you would wanna stay tuned to

Below is the trailer of Tron… I know you’ll wanna watch the movie (and find it back!) after watching this trailer =)

Guest Review for Collistar – Thermoactive Talasso-Scrub

November 13
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First, a big Thank You to SaSa for giving me the pleasure to review this product: Collistar – Thermoactive Talasso-Scrub

Well, maybe you’ve never heard of Collistar, but Collistar is actually a company that has climbed to the top in Perfumery sales in Italy and has also excelled in beauty and makeup line. Now, Collistar is finally in Malaysia brought to you by SaSa!

After using this product on my thighs for a total of 3 times, below are the results:

  1. Skin is smoother and firmer
  2. Skin feels heated immediately upon application
  3. No visible slimming reaction though due to short sampling duration
  4. Strong lavender fragrance makes me feel soothing and calm (just like having spa session!)

Overall, the results are quite promising. I believe with constant usage, my fatty thighs will turn slim 😀

Directions for use:

  1. Massage scrub on dry skin, concentrating on areas that you want to slim.
  2. Rinse off under shower.
  3. For best results, use once or twice a week.

Retailing now at SaSa Malaysia at RM 145 for a 700g jar :)

If I Had Rapunzel’s Hair

November 5

Ever since I was small, I wanted to have long long hair cos it represents femininity.
But… my grandma doesn’t allow :(
She said long hair is hard to maintain, waste water, I’ll get lice on my hair, blah blah blah…

So during Form 3, I decided to rebel and finally I get to keep long hair for the first time!
Since then, I’ve never had short hair anymore despite the current short hair trend (don’t believe me? look around!)

If you’d ask me what will I do if I had Rapunzel’s hair, I’d say I will donate my magical hair to those who have balding problem. No, I’m not making a wig for them (they can get wigs anywhere). My MAGICAL hair is like a seed planted on their head. It will grow naturally and color of the hair grown is depending on their own genes. Isn’t this a dream come true? And this is what fairy tale is all about! It gives you hope and happiness =)

Wanna see my long long hair? Here they are!

Cool right? :p

Oh btw, Disney’s Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale will be out on 25th November 2010!
Check out the trailer here: