Movie Review: Vampires Suck

August 30

At first, I really didn’t put much hope into this movie because I don’t really like movies like Scary Movie and Disaster Movie.

The Sullen (Cullen) Family
Becca (Bella) and Jacob White (Jacob Black)
Zolturi (Volturi)

Surprisingly, this movie came out to be better than them. Although the movie is also adopting sarcasm concept, but at least they didn’t mix up too many scenes from other movies. The whole movie is mostly taken from Twilight and New Moon. Conclusion: It isn’t that suck :)

Check out some funny quotes from the movie here.

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August 22
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Price List of Estee Lauder Malaysia

August 22
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  1. Pure Color Palette — RM 152


  1. Michael Kors Very Hollywood Lip Gloss — RM 75
  2. Sensuous Rouge Lipstick — RM 98


  1. Idealist Cooling Eye Illuminator — RM 225


  1. Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex 50 ml — RM 290
  2. Resilience Lift Instant Action Lift Treatment — RM 290
  3. Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator 30ml — RM 240
  4. Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator 50ml — RM 350
  1. CyberWhite EX Extra Intensive UV Protector SPF 50/PA+++ 50 ml — RM 175
  1. Sensuous Nude EDP 50ml — RM 220
  2. J’Adore EDT 50ml — RM 235
  3. J’Adore EDT 100ml — RM 340