This PR Consultant has the most well-proportioned face in Malaysia!

19 November 2017
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Merz, known for the only U.S. FDA-cleared, non-invasive skin lifting and tightening ultrasound device, Ulthera, revealed Salini Muniandy, 29 years old, married and who works as a PR Consultant at Geometry Global Sdn Bhd [a brand activation agency], has the most well-proportioned face from a total of 46 submissions from Malaysia. Merz also announced the launch of a new scientific guidelines, the first such scientific guidelines, at the 38th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Dermatological Surgery (ISDS) 2017, to help aesthetic doctors assess well-proportioned faces in Asians.

Malaysian Representative - Salini Muniandy

Malaysian Representative – Salini Muniandy

10 Interesting Things You Can Do Onboard Costa Victoria

17 November 2017
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I was totally exhilarated when I get to know that I’ll be boarding the Costa Victoria on a 5D4N trip. At the same time, a few friends asked me, “But won’t you feel bored being on a cruise for 5 days? That’s too long!”. After experiencing it, I can safely conclude that 5 days 4 nights is just right to enjoy all the facilities on board! Don’t believe me? Follow me as I list out all the activities you can do when onboard Costa Victoria.

Costa Victoria from Deck 14, Solarium

Costa Victoria from Deck 14, Solarium

First things first; let’s get to know more about Costa Victoria and things that you need to take note.

The ENTERTAINER 2018 Unveils More Buy 1 Free 1 Deals!

16 November 2017
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As you might have known, I have been supporting The ENTERTAINER, the global incentives brand for more than 2 years now.
You can read all my The ENTERTAINER posts here: tallpiscesgirl X The ENTERTAINER


Last week, The ENTERTAINER has launched its range of products for 2018 and I noticed there are some significant enhancements to their offerings.

Special highlights:

  • For a limited time period only, you get to save RM240 off the regular price on The Entertainer 2018!
  • Purchasing The Entertainer 2018 will also unlock 2017 offers so you can start saving right away!!
  • Early bird purchases will receive Cheers Malaysia 2018 & Bali 2018 for FREE!!!